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This page is for
renewing members and approved new members to pay their dues. 

If you already have an online account:  

  1. review your contact information and your partner's contact information by clicking here

  2. if there are any contact information changes, please notify our Membership team of those changes,

Annual dues for each calendar year for a Rossmoor resident couple are $100.00

and for a non-resident couple are $120.00,

which helps cover the Club’s costs for the band, coat check, decorations, etc.

Dues are prorated based on the number of dances remaining in the calendar year. For example:

for a resident couple when there are 4 remaining dances, the dues are 4/6 of $100 (or $67),

and for a non-resident couple the dues are 4/6 of $120 (or $80).

If you clicked on one of the "Pay Dues" buttons above and got the message "You don't have permission to access this page," it could be for one of several reasons: 

  • Renewing members who already requested a login account

  • Renewing members who have not yet created a login account 
    You will first need to do so by clicking here to create your Penguin Dinner-Dance Club login account.
    If your login account request has not been approved within one week, please click here to contact our Membership team 
  • Residents who requested a new membership might not have been approved yet.
    If your membership request has not been approved within one week, please click here to contact our Membership team 

  • Non-residents requesting a new membership: Unfortunately, the Penguin Dinner-Dance Club is not able to grant memberships to non-Rossmoor resident couples at this time, and your request has been placed on the waiting list. You will be notified when you have been approved for membership, after which you can pay dues. 

  • If trying to pay your dues:

    • Did you click on the correct "Pay Dues" button? (i.e., Resident vs Non-Resident) 

    • Did you already pay your 2024 dues? We only want you to pay your 2024 dues once! 

  • If you are unable to pay your dues online, please mail your check to Jacky Poulsen, Membership Chairperson:
    click here for Jacky's mailing address.

    • That's all if paying by check! You can click a different menu item or close this window

    • After we've received your check, you will receive a confirmation email

  • Problem still not solved, or if you have any dues or membership questions: Please click here to contact our Membership team

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